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What is the recommended care method for each skin type?

2 Aug 2023

Dry type: After washing your face, apply plenty of moisturizing cream and let it absorb into your skin.

Dead skin cells and dry types: After washing your face, apply a moisturizing cream and let it fully absorb.

Combination, oily type: Apply a moisturizing cream when your skin feels dry, and a nourishing cream when you want to take care of the skin texture and nourish your skin.

Reddened skin after outdoor activities: After washing your face, apply a lot of moisturizing cream like a pack to soothe your skin.


Crispy skin during the change of seasons: After washing your face in the evening, apply a moisturizing cream to the skin until it is not dry, then use the nourishing cream as a massage cream to care for your skin.


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