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[Press Release] Maeil Economy 'Mild Sunstick with Edelweiss Flowers'

2 Aug 2023
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Anna Cosmetics / BMBCO "The Sun Stick"

A mild sun stick with Edelweiss flowers

In March, Anna Cosmetics' cosmetics brand BMBCO renewed its sunscreen "The Sunstick." The capacity has been increased from 18g to 24g. Not only the face but also the hands and body can be applied without any burden. It also has a differentiated and trendy design that prevents people from liking or disliking it.

The Sun Stick is made of mild and safe ingredients because it does not add artificial scents, artificial pigments, or chemical preservatives. You can apply it safely from children to pregnant women. This product is popular among men and women of all ages because it applies smoothly and is not shiny. It is being sold to more than 100 golf course professional shops nationwide with its non-sticky application.

The reason why it applies smoothly and fluffyly is because of the patent ingredients derived from nature. Patent ingredients such as moonflowers and pine needles take care of sebum secretion and reduce pores. Wearing a mask or sweating from outdoor activities is not a problem. It also has the effect of avoiding pests by containing Sendit geranium flowers, a naturally derived herb scent. It is suitable for adults who enjoy outdoor activities with children.

The Sun Stick was developed to not only block UV rays but also provide skin care. It contains collagen and edelweiss flowers extracted from clean Swiss areas. The Edelweiss flower contained is a patented ingredient. Through this, it raises fine wrinkles caused by ultraviolet rays and helps anti-aging care. It also contains resurgent vinegar to protect the skin and soothe and moisturize. It prevents the skin from getting dry.

An official from Anna Cosmetics explained, "The Sunstick can help prevent such skin problems in advance," adding, "The Sunstick can increase skin concerns due to the growing spring sunlight."

Meanwhile, The Sun Stick can be purchased on BMBCO's official website, Naver Smart Store, and Happy Department Store.

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