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[BMBCO] U.S. FDA Certified πŸŽ–

2 Aug 2023
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Hello, I'm B.M.B.CO, an aesthetic cosmetic product 😊

BMVCO has received a report from the Food and Drug Administration

FDA Certification Completed!

I hope everyone in the world gets healthy and safe cosmetics

Until the day I can use it

BMBCO will always try and research.

Beauty More Beauty Cosmetic, BMBCO


BMBCO / Enna Cosmetics Co., Ltd / CEO Park Sunmi / 2nd floor, Teheran-ro 43-gil 29, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Yeoksam-dong, Yewon Building) / Business license number 560-87-01098 / Mail order business: 2019-Seoul Gangnam-00703
Customer Center: 070-4779-8194 / Fax: 02-6020-8281 Email: bmbcokorea@gmail.com
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