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[Press Release] "The Cica Serum Plus" will be released..."Your skin is sensitive from wearing a mask. It helps you recover and defend at the same time"

2 Aug 2023
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Anna Cosmetics, which received favorable reviews from consumers for its Queen 79 Noble Gold Serum, launched "The Cica Serum Plus" in March 2021.

The Cica Serum Plus is a product that gives hope to people suffering from increasingly harsh conditions on their skin. These days, when masks have become a must-have item due to COVID-19, skin is getting irritated and exhausted due to external environments such as wearing masks for a long time, changing seasons, and fine dust.

"The Cica Serum Plus" is a smart serum that soothes sensitive skin, helps to calm skin, form skin barriers, and skin elasticity, and is a product that helps to heal skin damage caused by continuous external stimuli such as fine dust and wearing masks caused by COVID-19 with all ingredients such as BMCO's own recipe.

The noteworthy ingredient of "The Cica Serum Plus" is "revival grass." The resurrection plant, called the rose of the desert, plays a role in opening up the aquaporin, the water channel of our body. Therefore, you can experience rapid skin soothing by absorbing skin soothing ingredients deeply and quickly.

In addition, it was determined as a hypoallergenic product as a result of a skin irritation clinical trial. It also conducted a test not to detect suspected harmful ingredients and developed a product that can be used with confidence even for sensitive skin. "It is especially recommended for those who have contact skin problems after wearing a mask for a long time, those who are sensitive to external stimuli, and those with sensitive skin that have no choice but to carefully examine quick drying, weak skin, and ingredients," said Enna Cosmetics.

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