Brand Story 


             1 Welllooking  

                   Add well-being to beauty


When I was a child, it started with the experience of having trouble falling asleep with sensitive skin and the question of what is'healthy beauty'.

Under the concept of'Wellooking' that pursues mental and physical well-being and health, and emphasizes external beauty, through countless experiments and research to make'healthy cosmetics', finding ingredients in nature and scientifically interacting between ingredients. Through the analysis, the'BMBCO' brand was born that provides the best solution for whitening and wrinkle improvement.

BMBCO provides'healthy beauty' that shines from the inside of the skin based on ingredients derived from nature to all those with sensitive skin to those seeking healthy beauty.


             2 Pure The Nature Environment 

                   Present 'natural' to the skin 


which started from experience, looked for ingredients in nature to make'healthy cosmetics' in line with the consumer's style and well-being trend, which in addition to the externally visible beauty.

We find all of the essential oils, preservatives, fragrances and pigments in cosmetics from naturally derived ingredients, and provide reliable solutions through strict manufacturing processes and quality control.

The'BMBCO 3 Step Solution' of a natural system, not just the moment you apply cosmetics, creates a radiant glow from the inside of your skin to complete safe and healthy beauty.


             3 Resurrection Of Healthy Beauty  

                      Complete 'healthy beauty'


presents'BMBCO's 3-step solution' by focusing on the cells in the skin to systematically care for the skin as well as the external effects.

BMBCO's 3-step solution consisting of opening the skin moisture passage-penetration of key ingredients-forming a skin protective film, provides a strictly managed safety solution based on a naturally derived system, so that anyone can easily shine into home care as if managed by an esthetic salon. Skin care is possible.

BMBCO will be the best choice for smart consumers who aim for rational consumption as well as the effect of special esthetic care by realizing the formation of a radiant glow from the inside of the skin.


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